Description: Advice and oversight of arena design and construction Client: Turkish Basketball FederationArchitect: Yazgan Design Architecture Construction Ltd. (Ankara Arena) Status: All construction complete - August 2010


The Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) engaged ICON Venue Group to provide advice and oversight of Dome and Arena renovations in preparation for the final rounds of the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship. ICON will assist the TBF in assuring that two of the host venues, the Sinan Erdem Dome (also known as the Olympic Dome) and the Ankara Arena, are designed and outfitted according to FIBA requirements. The goal of the TBF was to utilize ICON’s experience on similar venues to create the highest possible quality experience for basketball fans during the August 2010 Championships. ICON consulted regularly on items relating to design, construction, operations, revenue generation, sponsorship, hospitality, and security.


Tim Romani, Principal-in-Charge


  • Advice and consultancy for arena design and construction
  • Design review to ensure FIBA compliance
  • Construction oversight to ensure FIBA compliance

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