Identify Critical Attributes

Every Owner wants their building to be unique and special. They also want it to optimize revenue and minimize operating costs. Our mission is always to guide each Client to create an extraordinary and distinctive new destination drawing from the lessons learned from our long list of past projects and intimate knowledge of peer venues. These projects are normally once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our Clients, so they must be approached with a sense of pride and legacy.

Generate Facility Program

Before the designers begin the creative process, the facility must be defined in narrative form. Basic instructions relating to function, size, locations, adjacencies, quantities, and quality need to be worked through and documented. CAA ICON is perfectly attuned to what the Owner and Operator need in a successful venue and offer that informed perspective in drafting what will become the Holy Grail throughout the design process.

Revenue Integration

The critical revenue drivers and the building components that activate them must be introduced to the project even before the design begins. Strategies for fulfilling naming rights partnerships, existing and new sponsor deals, and exploring new revenue categories should be developed along with the initial design scheme in order to be effectively integrated. Similarly, food and beverage, premium seating, and ticketing platforms must be part the early facility planning.

Detailed Information

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