Define Objectives

The critical first step in any project is to clearly articulate the Owner’s goals and aspirations that ultimately will, in their eyes, determine whether or not the project is a success. These Owner objectives become the project compass guiding all major decisions.

Financial Modeling and Feasibility

In almost every case, one of the key success determinants is the project’s financial performance. Are the budget objectives ultimately achieved and is the operating income forecast on the project fully enabled? During this activation phase, we test the underlying financial plan, focusing on capital cost assumptions, and begin to evaluate cash flow requirements and project financing strategies.

Development and Operating Agreements

Major sports and entertainment projects typically require that the various parties involved (governmental entities, developers, team owners, etc.) enter into formal agreements setting forth the rights and responsibilities of each party during both the development and operation of the venue. CAA ICON will guide our Clients through those issues and become fully prepared to handle the ensuing negotiations.

Detailed Information

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