Description: Compilation of Stadium Chapter for UEFA EURO 2016 Cup
Owner: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC)Status: Italy's bid for the cup was submitted February 15, 2010.


In October 2009, ICON Venue Group was hired by the FIGC to complete the stadium-specific chapter of Italy’s bid dossier for the UEFA EURO 2016 cup. ICON’s responsibility was to evaluate and recommend 12 potential stadiums in 12 cities to host the games. In three short months, ICON personnel traveled across the country and personally evaluated numerous stadiums before recommending the final 12. During that time, ICON worked with individual municipalities and their architects to devise architectural and operational solutions in order to achieve UEFA compliance. Some of the renovations include new roofs, removal (or minimization) of track and field courses, setting up of welcoming spaces and VIP infrastructure with skyboxes, reconfiguration of the stands to guarantee perfect visibility, improvement of restrooms and food and beverage centers, and places reserved for disabled persons. Further, ICON personnel compiled and designed close to 500 pages of the stadium chapter for final production.


Tim Romani, Principal-in-Charge
Melissa Heiter, Production Manager


FIGC needed a fresh look at our stadium portfolio across Italy and an expert approach to creating a winning bid to host UEFA EURO 2016. ICON was precisely the international stadium specialist we needed. ICON immersed themselves into our unique sports culture and coupled that with their extensive stadium knowledge to develop a detailed plan for optimizing Italy’s stadium infrastructure. From the moment we engaged ICON, they had a full team in Rome and became an integrated partner with FIGC.     

Michele Uva

Manager of 2016 EURO Bid, Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC)

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